Thursday, 21 November 2013

But What Does He Say...?

Blog title given to my by my boyfriend, relating to the rather strange song about a fox..
Todays blog post is kind of in dedication to my best friend Paige Joanna Calvert an extremely talented illustrator and fashion and lifestyle blogger. (Go take a look)!

After visiting her in her new flat last week she asked me to do an illustration or drawing for her feature wall. With my huge love for animals, this was an easy decision!
"I am going to draw you a fox!" I said..
And after about two hours of work this evening.. Here he is! - I hope you like him.

I added in the roses as the fox alone looked like he needed some bright colour, so I gave him a little bed of roses to be sat in, linking with the reds in his fur, I feel this fits perfectly.
I thought sharing this illustration with you would give you a better feel of my personality, showing my love for animals and how much I really love to draw! This is what I got up to today.. As well as putting up my little Christmas tree (as seen on my Instagram page).
The last two posts have been about foxes.. this will change in the future, just a coincidence! Nether the less, I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts and taking a peak
at my illustrations. 

Thank-you for reading todays post, stay tuned <3
Pass it on,
lots 'o' love


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