Saturday, 23 November 2013

Draw Me A Monkey

Hello there everybody, what a cold cold evening we are having, if your from down south like me!
I hope you are all feeling well and wrapping up and keeping warm, its so cold cold cold!

This evening's blog post is inspired by a true friend of mine who is going through a hard time at the moment. It is important to treat those around you with the love they deserve, no one deserves to feel second best or worthless. Everyone should be made to feel loved and wanted.

It is important to focus on things in life that really and truly make you happy inside, and a few of those things for me are;
My boyfriend, my best friend Paige Joanna, my doggies and a nice old cuppa' tea!

Today I would like to show you an amazing artist who creates portraits of the furry friends in your life, and does an absolutely beautiful job. The name of her company is 
Draw Me A Monkey (Hence the blog title! Click the name for her Facebook page).

Recently I have moved out from my mums house and 'flown the nest' to my own little place, and having a beautiful portrait of my two dogs and my tortoise was just what my bare walls needed! Draw Me A Monkey, done this for me, amazingly. I could not believe my eyes when she sent me the image she had created.. And here it is.. 

For those of you who have seen my Instagram page, or who know me quite well, will know my boys are my world! (Top doggie is Harry, bottom doggie is Dexter.. And yes this is their names as I am a hugely obsessed with Dexter the TV show..).

I think you will agree, this portrait style drawing done for me is totally accurate and beautifully finished. Take a look through her Facebook page for other portraits she has done for other animal loving pet owners. 
Maybe the perfect Christmas gift for someone close to your heart? And what a wonderfully personal gift it would be.. Christmas is just around the corner!

I also love to draw, as you have probably seen in my previous posts, and if you are after an animal illustration or want some kind of design for something you sell, please feel free to contact me on my email:

Thankyou for reading again today,
I hope you think my boys are as beautiful as I do <3

Pass it on..
lots 'o' love



  1. aww so lovely, love the portraits on them!! Thanks for always being there for you.

    Paige xx

    1. love you hun, will always be here for you <3 xxx