Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Jodie Takes A Trip

Good Morning to all my awesome readers..

Blog post number two for me! Thought I should share a little wish list from a really cute clothing company I have recently discovered called; Alice Takes A Trip. Hence my blog title.. I sadly didn't actually take a trip. 

To those of you who know me well, or those of you who have taken a little peak at my Instagram, you will know I am a massive lover of animals (and those of you reading my blog.. You will get to see this about me). 
I have two small dogs myself, a kitty cat and a tortoise.. I would have a hell of a lot more, possibly a zoo, if I was able to! Two animals in particular that I really do love are Owls & Foxes. Both of which I would love to give a home <3

My strong passion for animals is what keeps me going each day, and I seem to share this passion with the two ladies that own and run the beautiful clothing label I will be sharing with you in todays blog post, at Alice Takes A Trip
The label was started in Sheffield, and is heavily influenced by the street culture, music and art there, as stated in the About Alice section of the website. (Go take a look, you will fall in love with the clothes as much as I have!)

These items are my favourites because they are so unique, I haven't seen clothing so uniquely and beautifully designed as these. I may be biased because of my huge love for these two animals, but they are oh so cute!
The label also has simpler and non-animal based designed clothing so there is a little something out there for you all, take a look and buy things!
Thought I would try something (bellow)

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Pass it on <3

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