Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Unicorns and Sick Plugs

Today I come to you good people of the world to talk all about an amazing mystical creature! <3
Today I had created yet another illustration for a lovely lady! We met through Instagram and seemed to have hit it off as we have a hell of a lot in common, especially our love for all things Disney! 
She really praised my illustrations and asked if I could do one for her, so of course I accepted the challenge, and I really enjoyed creating this for her!
The illustration is of a beautiful little unicorn! 
This was a challenge because I have never drawn one of these magical creatures before and I did struggle slightly with if I should add wings.. and what colours she should be... In the end I decided yes.. She is a beautiful, magical creature so she should have wings! Purples and Pinks I felt were the best colours for her as it is a beautiful girl.. And here she is (I hope you like her!)

Thankyou to the beautiful Miss Jade Marie for contacting me and ordering an illustration.
I hope you really love her & hope she looks wonderful up on your wall in a gorgeous vintage frame!
Remember guys.. I love to draw!
If there is anything you wish to be drawn custom for you, or if you wish for an illustration as a design for something you sell, contact me via my email:

On a different note.. ITS CHRISTMAS! Soon..
And don't forget your lovely stretched ears need some beautiful plugs for this holiday season.. Or the ones you love may need some new plugs <3
Get to Sick Plugs!
The voucher is designed launches in 4 days time! They are available from £5 and upwards for the 'hard to choose for' fellows in your life.

There is something for everyone, from the Disney lovers.. To the Star Wars lovers! And even those who are not lovers of anything in particular! But as I said.. If you cant decide FOR the ones you love, then don't, simply get them a gift voucher<3

Future posts are looking to be very exciting guys, so stay tuned!!
Pass it on..
lots 'o' love


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