Sunday, 12 January 2014

Anchors & Elephants In Wonderland

Good Afternoon everyone on this groggy, grey Sunday
I am off sick from work today as I have been very very unwell due to a medication mix up from the chemist! Which is allllways fun.

Thought I will use todays space to show off some beautiful pieces of jewellery 
recently added onto my online store,
I really hope you have all enjoyed my updates, I am really glad with how things are going recently. Interest in my shop is rapidly growing, and my illustrations are selling well <3
Enough blabbing from me, check out these cute new additions to my store

So as you can see a few little cuties have been added, if you like what you see head on over to my store to take a peak *CLICK HERE*
Or look to the right of this blog post and my advertisement is at the top <3

On another note, my mother popped by today to see how I was doing,
now I live in my own place I don't see her as much as I would like to, but she still pops in to check I am ok.
She had a package for me that made me excited!
I opened it up, and behold! My beautiful Mermaids Grave gifts were here!

Have never been so excited about some mail it really did cheer me up after a week of being miserable and ill!
Again, the store advertisement is to the right of this post, go take a look and thank me later <3

Thanks for reading today, 
Stay tuned for more awesomeness

lots 'o' love

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