Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New 2014 Beautiful People

Welcome back to my blog, I apologise for being absent for a while, I have been going through a lot recently and so thought it best to not blog until I was feeling better, I'm not 100%, but around 89%... So here I am, back again to write to all you lovely people!

I trust you all had a wonderfully magical Christmas and Father Christmas bought you all you wished for?
I had a lovely Christmas, had some wonderful food and got some gorgeous gifts from some truly awesome friends and family.
After struggling through the year, I have decided this year is going to be a good one for me! There are a few plans I want to put into action, kick starting a cute little shop selling personalised and handmade phone cases that I have become quite fond of making, handmade jewellery and floral crowns. Bellow is some examples of the phone cases I have been creating.. Disney themed, of course! <3
Hope you all like the sound of this?! I also want to start illustrating a hell of a lot more because drawing is what I love to do, so watch this space <3
I will also be helping out a cute friend, I recently made, with her handmade jewellery store by being a sponsored model for her items, and so once again I tell you.. Watch this space! 
I am planning for this year to be so much fun, and I hope you will all come along with me for the exciting magical ride, and keep an eye on my blog to see the updates!
As always, make sure you check out my awesome sponsors to the right of this post for some beautiful, unique gifts <3

Email me if you would like any Illustrations or personalised drawings as designs for something you sell or even a pretty little something to hang on your wall:

This Panda is an example of my work created for a beautiful friend for christmas, all my images come in a vintage frame <3
Thankyou for reading again guys!
Stay Classy,
lots 'o' love

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