Sunday, 30 March 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to JodieLouiseSawyer!
Yes, me!
I realise I have been extremely absent recently, this is due to having a few upheavals in my personal life, though now I am rid of all the negativity and have turned over a new leaf, I am back and ready to start blogging again.
Here are a few photos of what I have been up to in these past few months..

The above illustration is for a very good friend of mine, she is starting her own store online selling all handmade jewellery and her business name is Blue Mermaid. (Blog post on this to come in the future, when she is up and running!)

The beautiful model and face of Sick Plugs, one of my sponsors that I work closely with!
See ad to the right of this post <3

Such a beautiful lady, I just had to draw her <3

Illustration is something I really enjoy to do, the idea of having a career in this field is so so exciting, its just the struggle to getting there! You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it, as they say. 
The illustrations bellow are for some special people in my life who are, like me, obsessed with Alice in Wonderland & Snow White! These took me a while to perfect but finished, I am so happy with them and I hope they will be too. All my illustrations come in vintage style frames.

I hope you all like my illustrations, hopefully one day they will get me somewhere amazing.
If any of you want a personalised illustration then please feel free to contact me on my email;

My online store
has also been very popular recently. I would love to thank all of you for supporting me in the move of creating my online store!
I have worked closely with a few really kind and beautiful people,
and thankyou to you guys for being awesome!

As always take a peek at my sponsors to the right,
Especially RepTilia!
They are celebrating one year of life & becoming so successful! Those guys really reserve it,
they work so hard and have some amazing tattoo artists aboard!


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