Thursday, 9 January 2014

Kill Star

Good Afternoon lovely people reading today,
I hope that you are all feeling happy and well!
Todays post is a wish list style post.. In these hard times of having no money and payday being weeks and weeks away, wish lists is as far as it can go.. For now... *Evil Laugh*
Yesterday I had stumbled across an absolutely amazing clothing company called 
Kill Star and decided I would share them with you all.
If you follow my blog or Instagram account then you will see I am an Instagram Worrier, posting so much everyday!
 And so you may have already seen a few posts about this clothing company, if not though, you are in for a treat!
The clothes from Kill Star are so different from anything I have seen before, I don't know why it has taken me so long to discover them, though my bank balance is probably grateful for this. 
Kill Star's clothing is so versatile, there is something for everyone from Rainbow Kawaii Style Skater Dresses and beautifully colourful Kawaii Style Jumper, to jumpers and dresses not so cute and pink, such as this Pastel Bat Skater Dress
Seriously perfect styles for everyone. Both of which I LOVE. 
Bellow is my wish list, a few things from the clothing company I WILL own in the near future! And beneath the images is a list of the clothing links incase you lovely people want to check them out and possibly purchase <3

These will for sure be the first thing I buy from Kill Star! I am in love!
And this will also be first in my checkout. Because I really am a cat..
This is such a busy but beautiful dress, there are so many colours this will go with literally everything in my wardrobe! And I have a slight obsession with all things pretty and cute, this dress fits that category perfect <3
I really love tops / dresses with fringe detail, it looks so good all year round and I know that this dress will get plenty of wear!
Beautiful over sized print dress that will also get plenty of wear throughout the year! This is the same print as the leggings at the beginning, the jumper with this print is also to die for, but I know the leggings and the dress will get more wear as jumpers are something I wear very rarely.

Kill Star is also stocked on another site that I found.. and LOVED! called Attitude Clothing, they stock all kinds of gorgeous, alternative clothing. Recently I have been super obsessed with dresses, and now have heaps! Attitude have beautiful amounts of each, I've never wanted to win the lottery so much in my life..
So go check Kill Star out if you haven't already! 
I have never wanted payday to arrive so soon in my life HURRY UP!
I hope you guys have enjoyed todays post, and if it has made you envy your bank account too.. then I am glad I have someone to suffer with. 
I need to stop finding beautiful online stores!

lots 'o' love

Also.. today I thought I would use purple font.. a bit of a change from pink! <3

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