Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Introducing RepTilia

Recently I am enjoying sharing companies with you that I really admire, and todays blog post is no exception. Introducing... RepTilia.
RepTilia is a clothing company, based around a group of very talented tattooists living here in the UK.
I recently came across their clothing by total accident while browsing through Sick Plugs Instagram images, they recently held a give away on their Instagram - @reptilia_art_movement, so head on over and follow them to make sure you don't miss out in future give aways and news on the clothing company.
There are a few items on their page that I particularly love designed by tattooists 
Lewis Noire Williams and Ben Gadsby (shown bellow). 
Read about them by clicking HERE!

These three designs caught my eye simply because of the amazing detail and colours used. I am a lover or mystical animals as well as real animals, and so the stache girl tshirt is a perfect fit into my wardrobe! I haven't come across a design quite like this before, I love it.
The beautiful colours and mix of all things that arent true to reality is what makes me love this shirt so much, along with the pendant necklaces.
I have an unbelievable amount of necklaces hanging in various places of my bedroom, and this one would set off my collection nicely *cough cough* Please Santa Clause.. Please.. 
Again these caught my eye because of the beautiful colours, and the bunny reminded me of Alice In Wonderland, yet another huge obsession of mine.
Moral of the story is... Head on over to RepTilia and don't be sorry you did so!
(Their advertisement is to the right on my blog, scroll down and take a peak!)

For the RepTilia website.. click HERE!
For the Facebook... click HERE!

Below are a few cheeky images of some beautiful models sporting RepTilia clothing

As I keep saying guys.. Christmas is coming! And what better gift for someone you love than a pretty unicorn with a moustache <3 

If you are after a unique design to your company or just a simple drawing for yourself or a loved one for Christmas, or even if you just want to advertise on my blog! Please email me at: jodie_sawyer@outlook.com

Yet another ramble, but I hope you are all enjoying my posts..
Stay Tuned!

Pass it on
lots 'o' love


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