Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Black Pearl

Good evening to all you lovely people out there, reading my blog!
So today I have all things nautical and beautiful to share with you. 

Following yesterdays blog post about mystical creatures, I thought this would be a perfect subject for the follow up blog post. 
Recently I have come across some seriously wonderful companies and so I really enjoy sharing them with you all, especially on the lead up to my favourite holiday season.. Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!
I would like to introduce to you all, the wonderful world of.. Mermaid's Grave
Mermaid's Grave are a beautiful company based in the UK that specialise in creating wonderfully fragranced, natural soy candles that are available in small and large sizes, beautiful scents and are all handmade by the owner of the company Mel. They all come in beautiful glass amber jars, that can always be re used! 

They also sell items of jewellery, things that I have never seen before, such as the beautiful Clam Shell Locket Ring that opens just like a real clam, with a beautiful little gem hidden inside, and three colours of fresh water pearl earrings, that are just so gorgeous!
 (as seen in the image above)
There are four main fragrances of candles, explained on the website 
(Click HERE  to read all about their fragrances) 
Personally, my favourite fragrance being; Black Pearl (hence the blog title) - warming coffee with a hint of hazelnut.. Absolutely delicious! 
The soy candles have added glitz into their candles in order to celebrate the festive season of CHRISTMASSSSS, giving your home that added glisten, sparkle and festive cheer!

I am a nautical and vintage antique obsessed Disney fan that would really love to be a mermaid or a pirate! So as you could imagine, discovering this company will not be good for my bank balance, though my home will smell absolutely delicious and wearing the jewellery will make me very happy. 
My favourite of their jewellery is the Kraken Necklace, theres just something about this one that I really love! And the fact that I have an awful lot of necklaces.. This one will fit into my collection perfect, I just love it and i'm sure you will too!

I cant stress just how much I adore all the items for sale from Mermaids Grave and they are so perfect for Christmas, for those who love 'under the sea' things or who just love jewellery in general or for those who love yummy smelling candles.. You really cant go wrong.
Follow their INSTAGRAM - @Mermaidsgrave
Follow their FACEBOOK
and take a peak at their WEBSITE
or even click their advertisement to the right of this blog post.

After finding this company and blogging about them, I have been inspired to do some nautical and mystical style illustrations that I will be working on over the next few days, and I can not wait to share with you all!

Thank-you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and hearing all about Mermaids Grave, I hope it has helped you with Christmas shopping if you have been stuck on what to get someone you love, or stuck on what to get your secret santa?!

Sick Plugs Vouchers launch in 3 days guys!!

I am SO SUPER EXCITED to see my illustration being spread around <3
Pass it on everybody..
lots 'o' love to all you lovely lovely people out there


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